GeekSquad Matlab and R Tutorials Summer 2011


Video streams of our Summer 2011 GeekSquad workshops are available below. Each three-hour workshop features the audio of the presenter and the video of the computer screen showing Matlab (sessions 1-5) or R (session 5).  These are designed to be viewed on one monitor while you work with your copy of Matlab or R on another monitor.  The workshops were interactive, so large gaps with no sound merely indicate workshop attendees were working on practice problems that you can try as well.

The general topics covered include:

  • Session 1: Matlab environment, basic data types and indexing, calculations,
  • Session 2: Cells, structures, contingencies and looping, functions,
  • Session 3: Functions and modules, plotting, strings and parsing, file input/output , intro to EEGLab
  • Session 4: EEGLab basics and data preprocessing
  • Session 5: EEGLab Study function, Topo Mapping of Anything, Introduction to R

Required Resources and Software

  • A machine with two monitors, or one machine to display video, and one other machine to run Matlab, EEGLab, and R.  The machines can be of any flavor (Apple, Linux, or Windows).
  • Installed copy of Matlab.  If you have a UA NetID, you can obtain your copy here
  • EEGLab toolbox, available here
  • R (for workshop 5), available here


Session 1 (6/3/11): Basic Introduction to Matlab 

Session 2 (6/17/11)

Session 3 (6/24/11)

Session 4 (7/1/11)

 Session 5 (7/8/11)