Slides and Handouts PSY 401A/501A Spring 2021-

Links Video Date Topic
18 Jan
MLK Holiday
Panopto Viewer 25 Jan Overviews
Panopto Viewer
1 Feb
Foundations: Basic Electricity, Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
Panopto Viewer
8 Feb
Electrodermal Activity: Basics and Application to Polygraph Testing
Panopto Viewer
15 Feb
Electricity Test; Electrodermal Activity, Lie Detection
Panopto Viewer
22 Feb
Cardiovascular Psychophysiology
Panopto Viewer
1 Mar
The Skeletomotor System
8 Mar
Non-Spring-Break Day Off
Panopto Viewer
15 Mar
The Electroencephalogram, Basics in Recording EEG; Frequency Domain Analysis and Applications I -- Mood Disorders & Emotions
Panopto Viewer
22 Mar
Frequency Domain Analysis and Applications II -- Oscillatory Phenomena
Panopto Viewer
29 Mar
Functional Neuroimaging: PET and fMRI
Panopto Viewer
5 Apr
The Event-Related Potential: Basics and Applications (CNV, early components & P300)
Panopto Viewer
12 Apr
More Applications of the ERP: P300, N400, ERN
Panopto Viewer
19 Apr
Advanced Signal Processing I
Panopto Viewer
26 Apr
Neurostimulation and Neuromodulation
Panopto Viewer
3 May
Advanced Signal Processing II

... Color Slides
... Handout or supplemental article in pdf format
... Matlab sample scripts (sometimes with sample data)
... JAVA applet for download to run on local machine
Panopto Viewer ... Video podcast using Panopto viewer (good for computers)
... Video podcast in MP4 format (good for tablets and phones)